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 There is a lot more to deer figurines than just Bambi

When most people think of deer, they mostly think of Bambi. Many people only associate the animal with the cute, iconic Disney character. And when you usually see deer figurines, they are of Bambi. If they are not Bambi figurines, they are figurines of other famous deer from TV and the movies. Perhaps it is a figurine of the famous Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer or reindeer pulling the sleigh of Santa Claus. Or the deer figurine is of the deer from the popular movie “The Yearling”. But there is a whole world of figurines that you probably don’t know about. These figurines represent the deer in its natural habitat. To truly understand the world of deer statue, you have to understand the world of deer in general. And there is a lot to know.

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Male deer are usually called a buck or a stag, while female deer are called a doe. Younger deer may be called a fawn, a calf or a kid. While we think that deer are mostly a North American animal, deer are found on every continent of the Earth but Australia and Antarctica. The species of deer that most are familiar with in North America are the White-tailed deer, the Mule deer, Caribou (reindeer), Elk and Moose. Anyone that lives near a wooded area or drives near one has seen most of these species. And if you have seen a deer you know that they can be quite large. Some of them are even as large as 600 pounds. Most deer have antlers, although female deer have smaller ones.

The reasons that people collect figurines are as varied as the people that collect them. Many people collect deer statues because they are fond of the animal. They like the large presence that a large buck presents. Or they may like a Doe figurine of a gentle doe peacefully grazing. They may have a reindeer figurine of reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. Sometimes a person will buy a figurine just because they are an animal lover or to decorate a particular space in their home. Other collectors beacauase they are hunters. Some hunters, for whatever reason, don’t keep trophies of their hunts. So they make up for that by collecting deer statues that represent the types of deer that they have hunted in the past.

There are replicas of almost all of the species that is found in the real world. Some deer statues even come with life-like fur. High quality animal figurines are usually hand painted with extraordinary detail. A buyer of deer statues may be drawn to a figurine of a tiny doe in the woods. Or they may want a figurine of a mighty buck surveying the woods and forest before them. It doesn’t matter what type of animal figurine you are seeking, there are hundreds of high quality figurines to choose from. You are only limited to your love of deer.

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